Tajfuny is a publishing house, a curated bookshop and an on-line magazine connected by passion towards East Asian culture and literature.

Publishing house

Tajfuny Publishing spreads awareness about Asian literature. We want to show that Japanese literature is not only Haruki Murakami (although we will be more than happy to talk about his works!) and will help you find the most interesting titles from across East Asia.

We take care about every single book we publish – we work on each text in the same way, comparing the original text with the translation and making sure we have enough time to properly edit the translation. We cooperate with a team of trusted Asian languages translators and editors.

In terms of cover design we work with Asian artists – but the final design of the cover is done by a local design team: to/studio


Tajfuny is a curated bookstore. It means that we only choose to stock books that have fascinated and enchanted us. If we do not like a title and it does not meet our expectations, then you just will not find it on our shelves.

Our shop at Chmielna 12 in Warsaw is a meeting place for all those who love Asia. We invite you to come visit us from Tuesday to Saturday – and talk with us about books, travels or seek some inspiration while sipping green tea. We will help you choose the best books for you and your closest ones. And if you are looking for a particular title, we will help you to get it, even if we have to order it from the other side of the World.

In our Tajfuny space we organise meetings with authors, workshops and once a month we hold casual evening chats with our book club members.

Online magazine

tajfuny.pl is not just an on-line version of our bookstore or a website of our publishing house, but it’s also the place where we publish our Tajfuny blog. You will find here articles and reviews, interesting stories behind Asian literary world, interviews and previously unpublished translations.

In our online bookstore you will surely find great titles from across Asia. Every book is recommended by someone from our team – boring book descriptions copy&pasted from publishers’ websites is not our thing. We want to share our impressions and favourite quotes, because we want to make the online shopping experience as close to what you get when you visit our brick and mortar store in Warsaw.

to nie tylko internetowa wersja naszej księgarni i witryna wydawnictwa, ale także Tajfunowy Blog. Znajdziecie tu artykuły i recenzje, ciekawostki z azjatyckich scen literackich, wywiady i niepublikowane dotąd tłumaczenia.

W naszej internetowej księgarni z łatwością odnajdziecie azjatyckie literackie perełki. Każdą książkę poleca ktoś z tajfunowego zespołu – nudne opisy skopiowane ze stron wydawcy to nie nasza bajka. Dzielimy się naszymi wrażeniami i ulubionymi cytatami, bo chcemy, by wizyta online jak najbardziej przypominały zakupy w naszej stacjonarnej księgarni.

Who are we?

Karolina Bednarz

The mastermind behind Tajfuny and a true chaos-maker. Her adventure with Japanese literature started, when she randomly grabbed a copy of Norwegian Wood by Murakami in junior high school. Few years later she spent huge amount of money for oversize luggage to take back a bag full of English translations of Japanese books from her first trip to United Kingdom. After five years of studying Japanese at Oxford University she was sometimes convinced that she will never do anything that has to do with Japan… but when she went there by herself after graduating, without worrying about grades, essay deadlines and homework, she was sure that she would be coming back.

In 2018 she published a reportage entitled “Flowers in a box. Japan through the eyes of women” that became a bestseller in Poland. It talks about a myriad of social issues in Japan, all told through individual stories of women. For the past five years she has also run a blog called “W krainie tajfunów” – it is from that blog that the name “Tajfuny” was born.

When she is not reading Japanese literature or digging into research about social issues, she travels all around the world, looking for new stories (and food!), but also to try and understand the world a bit better. From each trip she brings home kilograms of books – she never leaves her house without a book in her hand.

She has a special relationship with Osamu Dazai’s texts, especially “The Setting Sun”. And it was from a crazy idea to polish an old translation and re-introduce it to the Polish reader that everything begun.

Anna Wołcyrz

She studied Japanese at University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań. When she met Karolina, she decided to quit her job in a Japanese company and spend her time doing what she had dreams about for ever: sharing her passion towards Asian literature in Poland. She believes that everyone can be inspired to read, they just have to be given the right book. She mostly reads Japanese fiction of all genres. Her translation of Kenji Miyazawa’s stories was published in 2017.

The first Japanese book that she came in contact with was an origami textbook (and although she has no idea how she got it in the first place, she still has it on her shelf). Few of her superpowers are: positive thinking, power of calm and playing ukulele.

In Tajfuny she takes care of the whole editing and publishing process.

Paulina Koc

Born in Athens, Greece; brought up in Ełk, Poland; she lived in New York, and finished Japanese at University of Warsaw.

Her favourite writer is Endō Shūsaku, and her favourite thing to do – talking about books. She runs our bookstore and makes sure everyone lives with the titles that were destined for them.

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