Choi Eunyoung

Choi Eunyoung (1984) is a South-Korean author. She studied Korean Literature at the Korea University in Seoul. When she was a university student, she was always interested in social issues, and participated in making a feminist school magazine Choi debuted in 2013 with a short-story called Shoko’s Smile (쇼코의 미소) in 2013, for which a year later she was awarded the Munhakdongne Young Writer’s Award.

Choi’s writing style is concise, devoid of decorative phrases. At the same time, the writer sets her stories in the elaborated socio-political context, often relating to the events from the history of Korea.

In 2023 Tajfuny will publish Polish edition of her collection of stories called Shoko’s Smile (translated by Marta Niewiadomska.)

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