Kenya Hara

Kenya Hara (born 1958) is a Japanese graphic designer, curator and writer. He graduated from the Musashino Art University, where he has been teaching design theory and visual communication since 2003.

Hara is one of the leading Japanese designers. His books, Designing and Design and White, are seen as essential resources for any student of design theory and aesthetics. Since 2001, Hara has been working as Art Director in Muji, he also arranged the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano.

In 2008, Kenya Hara partnered with fashion label Kenzo for the campaign of their new men’s fragrance, Kenzo Power. He designed the official posters for EXPO 2005 in Aichi Prefecture and the visual identity for the Nagasaki Art Museum. And these are only a few of his projects.

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