Maki Kashimada

Maki Kashimada (鹿島田 真希) is a Japanese writer, the author of two novellas that you will find in Tajfuny, “Touring the Land of the Dead” and “Ninety-Nine Kisses”, published in one volume. For “Touring the Land of the Dead”, Kashimada received the Akutagawy Award in 2012. She has also been awarded the Bungei Prize, the Mishima Yukio Prize, and the Noma Literary Prize for her other works.

Her novels often refer to the works of other artists in an interesting way. The short story “Love at Six Thousand Degrees”, set in Nagasaki, was inspired by the screenplay for the film “Hiroshima mon amour” by Marguerite Duras. “Ninety-Nine Kisses” refers to one of Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s most famous books, “The Makioka Sisters”. The intertextual dialogue is not accidental in Kashimada’s works – literary criticism and philosophy are among the author’s scientific interests, who wrote her thesis on Julia Kristeva.

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