Minae Mizumura

Minae Mizumura (1951) is a Japanese writer born in Tokyo but she moved to the USA at the age of twelve. She grew up reading many European literary works and after she had entered the American high school, she regained interest in modern Japanese literature. She started studying studio art in Boston and Paris and majored in French (Yale).

The first Mizumura’s novel, Light and Darkness Continued, is a follow-up to Natsume Sōseki’s book. Then she published her autobiographical fiction (An I Novel From Left to Right). Finally, as a Japanese writer, raised on the ground of I-novels (shi-shōsetsu), Mizumura undertook writing the true novel (honkaku shōsetsu) as Europeans understand it. Her book, drawing inspiration from Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, takes place in post-war Japan. Prawdziwa powieść (True Novel) translated by Anna Zielińska-Elliott will be out soon in Tajfuny.

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