Toh Enjoe

Toh EnJoe (born 1972) is a Japanese writer. He creates works balancing the line between fiction and fantasy. He graduated in Physics from Tohuku University and later defended his doctorate in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Tokyo with a research thesis on natural languages.

He worked as a researcher in a dozen different centers, later he was employed in a software company. In 2008, he quit his job to write. In 2006, his first science fiction novel, Self-Reference ENGINE, was a finalist for the Komatsu Sakyō Award.

He collaborated with the writer Project Itoh for a while, giving interviews and going to science-fiction conventions together. After Itoh’s death in 2009, Enjoe decided to finish his novel Shisha no teikoku, which was published a few years later.

In his prose, Toh Enjoe uses many allusions and references to mathematics.

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