Another Bangkok: Reflections on the City


Until now, only Alex Kerr’s books about Japan were available in Tajfuny(like Lost Japan,, Another Kyoto or Dogs and Demons),and we can finally introduce to you Another Bangkok – yes, it is a reference to it in the title of Another Kyoto. Kerr has been dividing his time between Kyoto and Bangkok for over 30 years, so the vision of the city he presents to us is unique: it has been built over a few decades. This edition is a supplemented version of Bangkok Found (published 2009) and very up-to-date – you will find here even references to the latest political events or the 2020-2021 pandemic.

Kerr, as always, draws on his wealth of experience: in Bangkok, he has lived in several places, from a classic wooden house to a modern apartment block, and has met a wide range of people, from neighbors to artists to experts in various fields of art. In a light, interesting way, he brings the reader closer to various aspects of Thai culture and the mysteries of Bangkok itself. It presents an eclectic collection of information: architectural details, classic flower arrangements, historical costumes, elements of aesthetics … After reading, you will definitely see Bangkok in a whole new light.

"But in Bangkok, the ideals at the 'origin' were hard to define, because the arts of Thailand are such a hybrid. You have the input from Java, Myanmar and the other neighbours, and then, in the nineteenth century, Thailand's kings westernized their country as fast as they could, bringing in Italian neo-classical domes, along with British table manners and German railways. All this got mixed up with Thai tradition, and the mixing just continues."

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