At the Edge of the Wood


Masatsugu Ono takes the reader to the edge of the forest, where a family lives in a small house. The mom is expecting her second child, so she goes to her parents, while the dad stays with his older son. Both are waiting for the important change in life. The area where they live seems magical, although it is not necessarily a fairy tale landscape – the forest is full of voices and strange individuals. The forest is roamed by unidentified refugees, dwarves appear in the clearing, the boy brings home an old lady he met by chance… The strongest point of this story is its inscrutable dream-like atmosphere that won’t let you look away.

Keshiki series is a collection of mini books featuring short stories and novellas. Keshiki (景色) means landscape or place, space. In the case of this series, you can think of the word keshiki as a landscape of different, unusual experiences or a space to discover a new relationship with the world. The series presents the texts of some of the most interesting Japanese writers. Its counterpart presenting writers from South Korea is Yeoyu series.

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