Before Your Memory Fades

Translation: Geoffrey Trousselot


Before Your Memory Fades is the third part of the popular fantasy series, which allows us to once again meet Kazu and Nagare as well as a number of new characters – this time in a completely new setting. We find the protagonists in Hokkaidō in the north of Japan, in the city of Hakodate. There is a unique café here – Cafe Donna Donna. One of the chairs allows you to travel back in time. How did the protagonists find themselves in Hokkaidō and how it happened that there are two such unusual cafés – you will found out on the first pages of the novel. WIthin the four chapters you will read the stories of different people and look at various interpersonal relationships: family, friendship, love.

For fans of the previous parts: Before the Coffee Gets Cold and Tales from the Cafe, it will come as no surprise that each story is touching anf comforting and allows you to find a ray of hope and deal with difficult emotions. It will also come as no surprise that the author finds a simple solution to difficult problems – and it is time travel. The author’s writing style resembles Japanese light novels: rather simple language, some repetition of the information, excessive explanations of the characters’ emotions and uncomplicated issues (what are even social media?…). Given the author’s fondness of repeating the same plot devices, it is perhaps better to read the book in bits rather than all at once to enjoy it more.

But the story of the fantastic Donna Donna cafe will surely appeal to all those who are looking for a light, pleasant and not overcomplicated story, as well as those we like to be moved to tears.

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