Burma Superstar: Addictive Recipes from the Crossroads of Southeast Asia


Burma Superstar presents recipes from a well-known Californian restaurant whose founders wanted to share their best dishes and make Burmese flavours available to a larger group of foodies.

After a brief introduction to the characteristics of Burmese cuisine, full of influences from India, China and Thailand, there is a guide to ingredients, and, of course, dozens of great recipes – all conveniently listed in the table of contents. The dishes are diverse, from curries to salads and snacks to drinks; and in the section with extras you will find sauces or salt with tamarind, which will easily and quickly add a unique taste to many dishes. We recommend a summer salad with crunchy pieces of homemade samosa; tofu and pumpkin curry for rainy days; or the classic, slightly sour mohinga fish soup – one of Burma’s national dishes.

Nearly half of the recipes are vegetarian, and a few more can easily be made vegetarian by substituting or omitting the shrimp paste and fish sauce.

The real gem of Burma Superstar is a mini-chapter about lahpet, Burmese delicacy – fermented tea leaves. It explains all about tea cultivation and lahpet production, as well as how to prepare the most authentic version in your own kitchen.

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