Chetna’s Healthy Indian: Vegetarian


Indian cuisine, especially what we meet it most often in Poland, is associated rather with a heavy meal, with a lot of sauce and buttered naan bread. And yes, you will also eat such food in India (especially in the north), but Chetna Makan in her book shows that you can prepare Indian dishes in a simple and healthy way, without losing much of the taste.

Chetna’s Healthy Indian Vegetarian in my opinion, this is a very good book for people who are not necessarily fascinated by Indian cuisine and it is not crucial for them to recreate a 100% “authentic” (whatever that word really means) taste of dishes. I would recommend it to anyone looking for ideas for new vegetable dishes, especially those with legumes.

The author bases her recipes on vegetables and spices that you can easily find in most stores: sabji with sugar peas, stuffed chillies, curry with mushrooms and cashew nuts or delicious roasted eggplant chutney. And for dessert – try saffron bafri or rose sandesh!

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