Chinatown Pretty: Fashion and Wisdom from Chinatown’s Most Stylish Seniors


Chinatown pretty might be somehow misleading – it looks like an album about fashion and indeed, the clothes worn by elderly people from American and Canadian Chinatowns play a big part here. However, the authors, Andria Lo and Valerie Lu, go well beyond just that. Chinatown pretty is surprisingly full of stories about different cities’ Chinatowns, their histories, quirks, colours – as well as voices of the senior models themselves. The album is above all a collection of micro-tales told by representatives of Chinese minorities, for which the outfits are just the starting point. The authors say that what we wear is a reflection of our lives; Chinatown pretty truly embodies this approach.

The album is full of gorgeous colours. That is thanks to the outfits of the grandmas and the grandpas who are not afraid of mixing patterns, fabrics, vintage and modern elements. The vivid colours which seem to be a common favourite seem to spill out of the bright images. The photographs are fully professional – they frame whole outfits yet still give appropriate focus to details, and, above all, show how each look suits the person wearing it. With such an approach, fashion really becomes a demonstration of one’s personality and a great tool for sharing personal stories.

"These seniors taught us not only how to dress with joy and abandon, but also how to live a meaningful life. This book is for them."

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