Every Color of Light

Translation: David Boyd


Is a storm beautiful? And the world after a storm – what colors can it shine with? Imagine the rain pouring down, lightning splitting the sky, and torrents of rain tossing the lush vegetation. And then – a slowly calming downpour, the sun peeking out, rays flickering in raindrops, a warm golden day that gently turns into a starry night.

Regardless of whether you love to listen to the gurgling rain or hide under a blanket at the first sound of thunder – this visually beautiful and poetic picturebook will take you to a world of vivid colors, sounds of thunder, sun-gilded vegetation and the calm of the night, full of stars. Every Color of Light not only provides visual pleasure at the highest level, but also soothes.

Award-winning Hiroshi Osada and Ryōji Arai have created an incredible work thanks to which even in a hurry, in the middle of the city you will slow down to immerse yourself in greenery, feel the fresh scent of plants, warm rays of the sun, pleasant coolness of the night. So don’t wait and immerse yourself in the contemplation of nature.

Czas oczekiwania: 4-5 weeks

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