Tłumaczenie: Dariusz Latoś


Ranpo Edogawa’s short stories have changed over the years – he started from detective fiction in Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie’s style, only to move on to more creepy tales similar to those of Edgar Allan Poe (he borrowed his pen name from Poe – Edogawa Ranpo pronounced quickly sounds almost like Edgar Allan Poe) and focused mainly on dark side of human soul. In his later years, Ranpo preferred to shock, frighten and ask riddles rather than solve them. Together with translator Dariusz Latoś, we have chosen stories that perfectly present different faces of Edogawa. 

The preface was written by Andrzej Świrkowski, scholar at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, who studied Edogawa’s body work and is perhaps the only “ranpologist” in Poland.

Similarly to our previous books, we have decided to collaborate with Japanese artist for the cover art. Our choice seemed very natural: Suehiro Maruo, the acclaimed manga artist and painter with his own distinctive style often described as eroguro (erotic grotesque). Suehiro Maruo made his own comics based on Edogawa’s prose – one shot from his version of Gąsienica [The Caterpillar] graces our book cover.






Anna Wołcyrz




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