Growing Up Perempuan


Growing up Perempuan is a story about being a Muslim woman in Singapore. It’s not a book that states a certain thesis or makes generalizations – it is a collection of personal stories of various women (they are of different education, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexuality, social class and so on). Being a woman (“perempuan” in Malay) in Singapore comes not only with the experience of sexism but also discrimination based on origins, religion and social status.

It’s not an easy read – you will find here discrimination, domestic and sexual abuse, cultural-based restrictions and bans and the stereotypical view on women. Religion is like a magnifying glass with which you look at the experience of certain characters, but it’s not the sole reason for these situations – we know them well from our own country. The following stories make us realize how hard it is to ask for help that is needed by the discriminated minorities and how easy it is to isolate yourself in a community, believing that your fate is indifferent.

The most important takeaway from that books is the fact that there is no “typical” Muslim women or “typical” Muslim family. For each person, religion means something else and plays different parts in their lives. Some can’t imagine life without it and some want to run away from the things they learnt through religion in their own households. Growing up Perempuan is so significant because it questions the boxes we try to fit in Muslim women and will be a great follow-up to It’s Not About the Burqa.

The strong point is, those are the first-hand testimonies from women of all walks of life. They speak for themselves about things that are important to them. It’s an account of great resilience and bravery. And the willingness to change the society who silences such voices.

"It's not easy to let go fantasies of a rosy childhood and being loved without fear. To let go of something I believed in, that held me together in times of distress. But to let go of these adults, the hold they had on me, is an act of self-compassion."

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