Holiday Home (홀리데이 홈)

Translation: Sora Kim-Russell


K-Fiction series features bilingual (Korean-English) editions of texts by the most interesting contemporary authors from South Korea. The editors emphasize that the selection of the best stories is crucial for them – but everything in these books is enjoyable: careful editing, aesthetics or an interesting study in the form of a commentary/essay offered after the main text.

Pyun Hye-Young, an author also known in Poland thanks to her novel Dół, tells the story of a married couple whose life begins to deviate from the accepted trajectory when her husband – a professional soldier – is expelled from the army because of financial scams. For Soryeong, the wife, the circumstances of the event are not entirely clear, but she stands firm by her husband’s side when they try to start the business, and when they are forced to sell their (titular) holiday home.

If you like this difficult to capture, dense atmosphere of Pyun Hye-Young’s prose, be sure to check out her other works. Including the famous Hol (The Hole), which you will also find in Tajfuny in the original Korean version.

"In this case, please sell it to a good person." "Is there such a thing? Whoever pays the asking price is a good person, am I right?" Jinsu nodded, as if he agreed.

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