If I Had Your Face


The title and the blurb on the cover may suggest that this is a shallow tale of plastic surgery and the dream of having a “perfect” face. You couldn’t be more wrong. This is a book about how class divided Korean society is. About the desire to taste the wealth and freedom that money gives even for a moment. And if you don’t have family support, education or a prestigious job, the only thing you can count on is a beautiful face that someone will want by his side. Even if its acquisition costs suffering.

The main characters’ fantasies about beauty and richness are born out of a desire to feel safe. At first glance, the heroines may seem naive – dreams of plastic surgery? obsession with k-pop? – but it is just the opposite: they just want to escape from depressing reality even for a moment. And they can only get it with the look that fits the strict canon or brand clothes that are considered status indicators.

Because being a woman in such an unequal society is a constant struggle. Even if we delude ourselves otherwise.

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