Japanese Kokeshi Dolls


Manami Okazaki’s Japanese Kokeshi dolls: The Woodcraft and Culture of Japan’s Iconic Wooden Dolls is a comprehensive book about traditional kokeshi dolls and their makers. The richly illustrated book – featuring hundreds of photos, from detailed photographs of dolls to craftsmen and artists at work – explores various aspects of kokeshi dolls.

The first gives an overview of all 12 traditional kokeshi styles and explains what makes them unique: you will learn about the history, social and cultural context of their production. The second chapter presents contemporary dolls, both from Japan and other countries, which satisfy the mass market. The third chapter contains fascinating interviews with craftsmen who talk about their works and share personal stories, inspirations and creative processes.

At the end you will find the treat of this book – a guide to places picturesque regions of the northern part of Honshu, where dolls are produced. In addition to the craftsmen’s workshops, a selection of local attractions is presented to inspire you on your trip to Japan. Various sources are also provided to help enthusiasts and collectors when purchasing kokeshi both in Japan and abroad.

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