Kamusari Tales Told at Night


It’s been a year now since Yuki moved to the Kamusari village (you can read about his arrival and initial adventures is The Easy Life in Kamusari, but even without reading the first book you can enjoy this one – Yuki gives a brief introduction to the villagers and his and the villagers backstories) and by now he’s both used to the slow life as well as the everyday challenges of his job. While The Easy Life in Kamusari is a great example of shigoto shōsetsu – a genre popular in Japan, focusing on a particular niche ocupation – Kamusari Tales Told at Night is less focused on the job itself.

In seven chapters written in a diary-like manner, Yuki talks about everyday life of both himself and the vilalge – from the tragedies of the past and his love dillemas to local history and folklore. Each of the tales focuses on a different mysterious folklore-based story which took place in Kamusari. If you are fans of mystery talestold by the light of stars (or a fireplace), you will surely enjoy reading Yuki’s stories.

This slow, atmospheric story is perfect for a moment of relaxation; it will definitely help you break away from everyday life and jump into the world of fantasy world which seems to be a Japanese version of cottagecore.

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