Kimono Style. Edo Traditions to Modern Design


Kimono Style. Edo Traditions to Modern Design is a colorful and knowledgeable album on the modern history of kimono and the influence of Japanese and Western fashion. The album was created for the 2017 Kimono Style: The John C. Weber Collection exhibition. It features a series of essays by various authors, richly illustrated with photos of the exhbited costumes.

Monika Bincsik in her essay Japanese Fashion. From Edo to the Modern Era outlines the broad historical background of Japanese outfits, from kimono, strictly regulated by bakufu during Edo period (1603-1868), when the pattern and the material of an outfit depended on the social status, age, gender; to kimonos inspired by Western oil painting, made with the use of Western techniques, machines and dyes; and to contemporary patterns, inspired by art movements such as cubism, abstractionism or Italian futurism.

W her essay The Tiger’s Leap. Kimonos and Couture Karen Van Godtsenhoven describes the influence of kimono on Western fashion from the first contacts in the 19th century. Two big waves of Japanism brought profound changes to the fashion scene. You can analyse the works of artists such as Paul Poiret, Madeleine Vionnet, or Cristobal Balenciaga in the 1920s and the works of Japanese artists – Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto in Paris in the 1980s. You can also read about the influence of Western fashion on the fashion style of Japanese people.

Araia Masanao in Meisen and Omeshi. Kimonos for the Masses introduces the readers to the world of techniques which facilitated the democratization of Japanese clothing thanks to the production of cheap silk. The following four chapters present the clothes showcased at the exhibition divided into categories: Theatrical Costumes, Warriors and Firefighters, Edo Fashions and Modern Kimonos. And the final chapter Textiles and Techniques in the Weber Collection, a series of close-ups, analysed by Kristine M. Kamiya, allows us to see at the materials in detail.

Album to skarbnica wiedzy, a jednocześnie porywająca przygoda – wędrówka przez epoki, kolory, materiały i regiony. It is also a beautiful testimony of how different cultures intermingle and enrich each other, an infinite source of inspiration for each other.


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