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Tajfuny Mini set includes all books published in the award-winning series. It presents the works of writers of the mid-twentieth century who have not been translated into Polish before, but definitely deserve it. tegusu.Inc and to/studio are responsible for the beautiful graphic design.

So far in the series

        • Gorączka złotych rybek by Kanoko Okamoto translated by Anna Wołcyrz.
          A story of obsession and the search for the perfect beauty written by one of the most interesting personalities of the 1920s and 1930s in Japan. You can read about Kanoko herself, who was always going against the current, in the introduction by Karolina Bednarz.
        • C ytryna by Motojirō Kaji translated by Anny Karpiuk.
          An anthology of stories by the iconic Japanese modernist. Kaji’s too short writing career was ended by a serious illness, the motif of which is ever-present in his stories.
        • W lesie pod wiśniami w pełnym rozkwicie by Ango Sakaguchi translated by Karolina Bednarz.
          You may remember Sakaguchi’s name from the introduction to Zmierzch (The Setting Sun), where his Darakuron is metioned. („A Discourse on Decadence .”) In addition to literary criticism, Ango wrote fiction, and his bloody but beautiful short story is one of Karolina’s favorite texts.
        • Wiwat małżeństwo by Sakunosuke Oda translated by Agnieszka Stojek.
          Wiwat małżeństwo is an amusing, bittersweet portrait of a certain era and a certain city – Osaka, the culinary and entertainment capital of central Japan. The shopping streets of the city and Sakunosuke Oda’s biography are brilliantly introduced by Karolina Bednarz.
        • Piekło w butelkach Kyūsaku Yumeno translated by Andrzej Świrkowski
          The selection of work by one of the most extraordinary authors of Japanese prose in the genre of detective fiction with a hint of fantasy. Kyūsaku Yumeno believed that a good piece of crime fiction requires neither an acute detective nor a criminal mastermind. Everything needed to shock the readers and lead them astray hides in human psyche.
        • Zarządca Sanshō byŌgai Mori translated by Katarzyna Sonnenberg-Musiał
          This selection of three short stories perfectly captures the versatility of Mori’s artistic interests. The writer comes across as a scholar versed in European literature and art, and also a researcher of his native history and folklore.

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