Majo no Takkyūbin (魔女の宅急便)


The adventures of the young witch Kiki are finally on Tajfuny’s shelves – in the original! Kiki just turned thirteen. It’s time for her to leave her family home and start her own life. How can that be, you will wonder, thirteen years is still a child! Well, not when you’re a witch. Kiki, together with her feline friend Jiji, set off on a broomstick in search of their place on Earth, preferably one where there is a need for the services of a witch, whose main skill is flying. Hmm, how about opening a courier service?

Eiko Kadono’s novel, on which the famous Studio Ghibli film was based, is aimed early teenage readers, successfully portraying this strange period between being still a mischievous child and already a rebellious teenager. The plot focuses on the carefree Kiki learning responsibility – not only for the items entrusted to her by customers, but also the stories related to the shipments and the customers themselves. The novel never falls into an overly pathetic or heavy tone – all the tasks faced by the little witch are appropriate to her age, and the author does try to make an adult out of a child.

You can follow Kiki’s further adventures in the second volume, Kiki to Atarashii Mahō and third volume, Kiki to Mō Hitori no Majo.

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