Ministerstwo moralnej paniki

Translation: Mikołaj Denderski

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Here is the first non-Japanese title in the Tajfuny collection – Ministerstwo moralnej paniki [Ministry of Moral Panic]. A collection of short stories by Singaporean queer writer Amanda Lee Koe translated by Mikołaj Denderski.

Ministerstwo moralnej paniki is a cult title on the Singapore literary scene. The debut awarded in 2014 with the Singapore Literature Prize for Fiction and the 2016 Singapore Book Award delighted everyone. No wonder – in each story, the author exceeds literary norms, breaks social taboos to – in the end – write about what the most important in life is. About love(s): those forgotten, lost, unaccepted. The invisible borders between us that we are afraid to cross. Social problems that can still be talked about aloud only in the form of literary play. Stories – from different perspectives, with the voices of those who are usually silenced. About the fact that not everyone feels at home at home.

Amanda Lee Koe writes simultaneously sharply and poetically, she hooks up only to move deeply a moment later. She presents characters of various cultures, beliefs and languages, whose paths cross for a short while in a dynamic, vibrant Singapore city-state. But each of the fourteen stories resonates with us long after we turn the last page.







Original title

Ministry of Moral Panic: Stories






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