Modern Asian Baking at Home


In 2020, Kat Lieu, baking enthusiast based in the US, starts a Facebook group SAB – Subtle Asian Baking. The group grew rapidly and is currently a wonderful place of inspiration and recipe exchange for over 150 thousand fans of baking and Asian flavours.

Modern Asian Baking at Home contains alsmot seventy recipes, inspired by Subtle Asian Baking group, organised in categories:
Basics and Confections,
Sab’s Favorite Cookies and Pastries,
Airy and Not-Too-Sweet Cakes,
Bread and Yeasted Bakes,
Treats Under One Moon and Holiday Bakes,
Custard and Frozen,
The books opens with an introductory chapter which describes Asian ingredients featured in the recipes, for example panko, black sesame, gochujang or pandan. Several pages have been devoted to less known cooking techniques.

At the core of the book you will find recipes illustrated by wonderful, mouth-watering photographs. You will find a plethora of amazing treats: japanese curry buns, sweet black sesame soup, extra-chocolatey brownie with miso, soft dango balls with soy sauce glaze, spicy chocolate cake featuring gochujang… and much, much more. Modern Asian Baking at Home is the perfect choice for all those who love to bake and would like to expand their horizons by adding new flavours and exploring new ideas.

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