Momofuku is finally here, an iconic cookbook for all foodies. (You may remember what a sensation the first New York restaurant, noodle bar, was, before it developed into a small chain of restaurants that can now be found in several countries.) In addition to the recipes, you will also read the story of David Chang and his success.

Beautiful photos are a pleasure even if you just browse the book without the intention of cooking, overwhelmed by the variety of recipes. As befits a Michelin-starred restaurant, some of the dishes are complicated and require special ingredients and several hours of work, but taking on such a challenge is really satisfying, not to mention the edible effects of the work. On the other hand, there are also very easy recipes that won’t break your budget.

You will find the essence of what started the fusion cuisine boom – a combination of American cuisine with flavors from Japan, China and Korea. There are recipes for iconic noodles and buns (including the most famous ones, with bacon), quick pickles and sauces, smoked eggs, slow-cooked meat, scallops and foie gras, as well as a dessert made with the famous cereal milk.

I don’t think this book needs to be recommended to anyone – if you know what is interesting and exciting in the cooking worlds, you definitely need to have it in your collection.

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