Mother Steals a Bicycle and Other Stories


Could mother, as a little girl, steal a bicycle and go on a long, lonely trip? Did she really pluck peacock feathers or make friends with a shadow? Did she act in plays and sneak out of her house in the middle of the night with her gang? Why not! Every mother was once a child!

Mother Steals a Bicycle presents stories that a mother tells her child. Prowling hyenas, flying fireflies, swimming lessons, jungle, jewelry made of exotic flowers… An image of childhood in an Indian village emerges from the stories, full of adventures and amazing everyday things.

The stories are accompanied by beautiful illustrations that will take the readers straight to South India.

The book was published by the Indian publishing house Tara Books founded by Gita Wolf, which has been publishing and promoting art literature since 1994. In 2013, it received the prestigious Bologna Prize for Best Children’s Publisher (Asia region), and in 2014 the London Book Fair International Publishing Industry Excellence Award. Support and promotion of the rich creativity of the indigenous tribal communities of India is an integral part of the publishing activity of Tara Books.

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