My First 500 Korean Words


You often ask us about books for people who want to start their adventure with the Korean language. My First 500 Korean Words is a great choice for people who do not know how to start studying on their own, who do not necessarily want to attend classes, who want to fill in the gaps in their knowledge or simply – who ant to have a book that will motivate them to study more regularly. It is not a standard textbook like those you might be used to, but it only works in its advantage.

The book is divided into days and each day features 10 words. On TalkToMeInKorean website, you can listen to everything read by a native speaker so that you can remember the words immediately with the correct pronunciation. Besides the main 10 words, each lesson consists of example sentences, more related vocabulary, and a reading exercise. A short texts which helps you to test your knowledge before moving on concludes each chapter.

Most importantly – before the “main” part of the textbook there is an introduction on the basics of the Korean language: degrees of politeness, conjugation of verbs and adjectives, passive voice… You will also learn about two ways to count objects and study prepositions and adverbs. All grammar used in the subsequent examples is based on what you learn in the introduction.

It’s a very good vocabulary book to use on its own, but it will work best in conjunction with the other titles from TalkToMeInKorean.

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