Nihongo Short Stories N3, vol. 2


If you are looking for a book with texts in Japanese that would not be too difficult, will allow you to absorb some vocabulary useful in everyday life, and you think that novels might still be too hard – have a look at Nihongo Short Stories series.

It is intended for students around N3 level. Each volume features twenty stories-stories from real life – some anecdotes, some texts from various fields (society, history, politics, ecology) that will allow you to learn the vocabulary needed to talk about many topics, as well as some slife-of-life stories. In this volume you will find, for example, a story about the “father” of ramen – Momofuku Ando, or the concert that Ignacy Paderewski played at Stanford University.

The texts are clear, all kanji have readings, and the most difficult words are explained in a glossary. So if you want move away from bilingual editions and face Japanese-only texts, you can’t miss this series.

Czas oczekiwania: 5-6 weeks








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