Nihongo So-Matome: N3 Listening Comprehension


The Nihongo Sō-Matome textbook series is intended for everyone who would like to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test exams or simply learn Japanese in a structured way. The series features books at every level, from N5 to N1.

Levels from N3 to N1 are divided into five parts. You can focus on one area in which you feel the weakest, use the textbooks alternately, or all at the same time: Vocabulary, Kanji, Grammar, Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension. In this part you will find listening comprehension exercises at N3 level (audio recordings can be found on the enclosed CD.) It is enough that you go through two pages a day, and in six weeks you will master the entire material. At the end of each week you will also find a small test. Many people taking the exam are stressed about the listening part, afraid that the recordings will be too fast, that they will not have enough time to answer. So it is worth it to practice and get used to this form of questions and answers.

Czas oczekiwania: 5-6 weeks









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