Tłumaczenie: Stephen Snyder


The book begins with a macabre – one day, on an impulse, Yayoi murders her husband, who abuses her. When she realizes what she has done, she calls her friend Masako, who calmly explains her what to prepare before she appears on the doorstep of her apartment. Together with two other friends – Kuniko and Yoshi – with whom they work on the night shift in a take-away service, they decide to cut into pieces the body of the victim, and each takes a bit of Yayoi’s husband.

In a tense action, Kirino cleverly smuggles into many social issues, such as the topic of the Japanese who emigrated to Brazil, which is rarely mentioned in the fiction. There are gray suburbs here, descriptions of factories and everyday life of millions of Japanese men and Japanese women, which in the imagination of many of us have little to do with Japan of “cherry blossoms”. But it is therefore painfully real.

It is hard to find a better psychological crime novel from which you can learn so much. We recommend it!

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