Patterns of India


Ah, what a beautiful book! This album is dedicated to Rajasthan and everything surrounding it, especially in regard to aesthetics and art. Among dozens of photographs – of architecture, food, street life – you will find essays about what makes the culture of Rajasthan famous in India and beyond.

I came across fabrics or paper decorated with elaborate patterns, printed with wooden blocks, but what I found novel and curious was the chapter about marigolds, accompanied with a myriad of photos where the spectacular yellow-orange colour is the main focus. I also spent a lot of time noting down particular places from the book, which I would like to see sometime – the City Palace of Udaipur, Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, or the city of Jodhpur, bathed in hues of blue.

The album will bring you pure aesthetic pleasure and inspiration – as well as incentive to, as soon as the pandemic ends, discover Rajasthan for yourself.

"Rajasthan has a rich history of block printing - the making of hand-printed textiles characterized by the use of carved wooden blocks dipped in dye and pressed into fabric. Maharaja Jai Singh III, who founded Jaipur in 1727, was an enlightened patron of the arts. During his rule, skilled craftsmen were invited to settle in Jaipur and were ensured a secure livelihood. (...) A few persevering artisans there have been instrumental in preserving the inherited knowledge of natural dye techniques, hand printing, and block carving by continuing to pass it down from generation to generation."

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