Poetry Moves: An Anthology Of Poetry


“Poetry makes nothing happen”, this quote from A.H. Auden’s “In Memory of W.B. Yeats” serves as a motto and main inspiration of the editors, who created this amazing anthology.

Esther Vincent, Ann Ang, Angelia Poon and Loh Chin Ee invited over 100 poets from all over the world to be featured – mostly their compatriots from Singapore, as well as writers other Asian countries. The poems were divided into five sections: Words and Things, Spaces and Places, Connections, Crossings, Roots – thus allowing the works (and their authors) their own interpretation of these themes. The editors also set themselves the goal of selecting texts which could appeal to younger readers – as a result, we receive a beautifully published, rich collection of poems: lively, real, funny and sad, perfectly fresh, published in a wonderfully light and charming edition, tempting you to always keep it at hand. This way you could have a browse in a free moment and simply read some new poems.

“Poetry makes nothing happen” – the poems asks to be completed: “it survives.” It “moves” and has the ability to transfer the reader as far as to the other end of the world.

It’s difficult to list all the dozens of authors featured in the anthology “Poetry moves.” Among them are: Pooja Nansi, Anne Sexton, Grace Chua, Cyril Wong, Alvin Pang, Margaret Atwood, Seamus Heaney, ko ko thett, Kiyoko Nagase, Alfian Sa’at, Joshua Ip, Li-Young Lee, Lee Jing-Jing, Gwee Li Sui, Ocean Vuong, Grace Nichols, Ng Yi-Sheng, Carol Ann Duffy, Natasha Tretheway, Sujata Bhatt… and others.

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