Secrets From My Vietnamese Kitchen


You may know Kim Thúy from Ru – a diary/novel about immigration, finding your place and living between Vietnam and Canada. This time we present an unusual cookbook by the author – Secrets from My Vietnamese Kitchen.

There are over 50 recipes illustrated with beautoful photos. They are divided into categories: basics, soups, stir-fry, vegetables, grilling and frying, slow cooking, sweets and snacks – so you will find a whole variety of Vietnamese cuisine here. The recipes selected by the author are simple and easy to make at home, as soon as you have the basic ingredients. You will find classic flavors that will fill your kitchen with wonderful aromas: marinated bacon with bamboo shoots, lotus root salad, fried tofu with lemongrass … And for dessert, bananas in any form: as ice cream, fried or with tapioca.

Among the recipes are there are short fragments that bring you closer to the variety of Vietnamese flavors, as well as memories and thoughts of Kim Thúy in her beautiful poetic language. You can read here not only about food, but also about culture.

We recommend it to everyone at the beginning of their adventure with Vietnam and Vietnamese cuisine – while reading and cooking you will be easily transported to the other end of the world.

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