Strong In the Rain – Selected Poems

Translation: Roger Pulvers


Kenji Miyazawa is best known for his fairy tales (you can taste them in this Polish-language anthology: Nocy na kolei galaktycznej) but he is also famous in Japan for his poetry. As always, we are pleased to present you something new -there’s never enough poetry available. In Strong in the Rain you will find over fifty of his most important works.

Miyazawa’s poetry became popular in Japan in the 1990s, when, due to the economic crisis and social problems, many young people began to seek a break from everyday life. They were inspired by the counter-cultural attitude that Miyazawa propagated; his love of simplicity and honesty, as well as his fascination with the natural world around him, remind of Whitman and Thoreau. For Miyazawa, nature is an essential element life, also in his personal life (he was professionally involved in agricultural sciences). His works are full of beautiful understated metaphors, and stylistically surprise with their diversity – from short pieces to long narrative poems.

In addition to the poems, this edition also includes an extensive introduction to Miyazawa’s life and work (and if that’s not enough for you, there’s even an episode of the series Begin Japanologydevoted to him!), as well as an analysis of all the poems, which will tell you when and under what circumstances they were written and what hidden meaning they carry.

"I'm not going to stop gazing up at this beautiful dawn sky, grimacing In order to love that planet all the more Nothing will change where I set my sights (...) The stars flutter again Like a species of bird at the point of extinction"

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