Suncranes and Other Stories is a collection of short stories selected and translated by Wickhamsmith for Columbia University Press. It is a broad overview of contemporary Mongolian short stories, from the 1921 revolution to the beginning of the 21st century. The stories, arranged chronologically, show the enormous transformations that took place in society during this period. 27 texts by 23 of the most respected Mongolian writers represent a huge variety of topics.

Mentions of Mongolian tradition and history appear in all the stories, especially the older texts, as well as the love of the natural world – for example, in Suncranes by S. Erdene, a young boy goes to the steppe to think about his childhood and the future that awaits him after moving out of home. It is one of the most contemplative and nostalgic stories, and one of the best in the anthology, along with M. Yadamsüren’s The Young Couple. The authors often draw from oral tradition, local legends or epic tales, and play with genres – from fairy tales and metaphorical parables, through socialist realist stories, to experimental forms inspired by Western trends.

We first encountered Simon Wickhamsmith, one of the few translators from Mongolian into English, while reading his translation of Tseveendorjin Oidov’s poetry. His vivid language and efficient use of various styles perfectly reflect the diversity and unique atmosphere of the presented stories.

Suncranes and Other Stories is the only book from Mongolia in Tajfuny so far, so for those interested in this country it is an absolute must-have.

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