Taisho Kimono: Beauty of Japanese Modernity in 1910s & 20s


I have to admit that this lovely purple cover stole my heart! Not to mention hundreds of beautiful patterns and details inside… Taisho Kimono: Beauty of Japanese Modernity in 1910s & 20s is a perfect book for kimono and design lovers, as well as a great source of inspiration for fashion and graphic designers.

You can find here numerous examples of kimonos from the Taishō era (1912-1925) and early Shōwa (1926-1989), decorated with dynamic, colourful patterns inspired, among others, by the art deco style popular in Europe and the USA. The book is divided according to motifs: plant, animal and geometric. Unusual patterns for traditional kimonos are also shown, such as arrows with feathers, and even notes or umbrellas!

Four chapters full of colourful “modernized” kimonos – striped, with swallows and mandarin ducks are preceded by a bilingual introduction, from which we learn about the influence of the European trends on the development of Japanese design. We can also read about Japanese moga (short for modern girl – a girl fascinated by Western style) and the production of meisen silk.

"Lifestyles and women's fashions were changing. The September, 1911, launch of the feminist literary magazine Bluestocking by Hiratsuka Raicho was only one aspect of a more general change. Women were cutting their hair, dressing casually, and setting out for town."

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