Tanpen Shōnen: Short Stories Anthology (短編少年)


If our anthologies Tanpen Shōjo and Tanpen Gakkō caught your eye, you can add one more volume to the collection – Tanpen Shōnen. The premise, as in the other two books, is simple. Tanpen Shōnen collects texts by top contemporary Japanese writers, the main theme of which are boys. Each of the authors understand this topic differently and approaches it in their own way.

Readers in Japan, regardless of age, eagerly reach for the so-called seishūn monogatari (stories about youth), which is probably best described by the English term coming of age novels. The younger ones want to read about the lives of their peers, the older ones – nostalgically return to the times when the world had more intense colors and nothing was impossible. You will find many such stories in this book. I recommend paying particular attention to the text by Ito Ogawa, a writer whose Polish-language debut will soon appear in Tajfuny. And although the coincidence of names with Yōko Ogawa is accidental, both ladies share a beautiful and warm style and the unusual atmosphere of their stories.

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