Te Magazine Issue 2


Te Magazine is an annual bilingual publication dedicated to contemporary art and cultural anthropology. Each issue researches a particular topic and encourages the reader to reflect on dynamic cultural backgrounds in different regions. The recurring themes include fluidity of cultures, languages and beliefs in specific communities and adapting of the narration to the changing social and geopolitical environment.

The second issue titled Song of the Nightingale draws inspiration from past events and debates that reverberate around us. Ten articles explore monumental points of contact for sound, language and action. The authors come together to discuss this abstract and omnipresent medium, creating an album full of diverse pieces. The allure of sound stems from its improvization but it stays mysterious taking into consideration various roles played in history and modern society with no physical form. How can we use words to describe the sound? How does the sound work in different contexts? What do we mean by “speaking out”? How does the sound become a single form of expression, what are its capabilities and limitations? There are no right answers to those questions but looking for them may not be that important after all.

Te Magazine does not only consist of valuable texts but it is work of art itself – the magazine is sewn and glued so you can fully open it, and it is made with thick, art paper and has many intriguing pictures.

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