The Art of Contemporary China


The Art of Contemporary China is the latest volume in the World of Art series, which brings us closer to art from different parts of the world. It is a book about art in general, but also in the context of a specific country, which is China, and about how Chinese politics and history influenced what and how is created in the Chinese artistic world nowadays.

More than an album, I would describe The Art of Contemporary China as a textbook or perhaps a collection of essays on art. It is a book for those who are interested in a broader context and knowledge of what is the local discourse like (for example, what does avant-garde art mean in its Chinese version compared to what it is associated with in Europe?) What is “the collective” in China and why is it such an important word in the context of the whole society and the artistic world? How are Chinese traditional methods and motifs featured in contemporary art? And what impact has the massive urbanization that China has experienced in recent years had on art? You can find all the answers in the book by Jiang Jiehong. And, if you need, you can look at the bibliography prepared by the author to keep exploring.

"Will a new form of tradition reinvent the past for the future and translate from China to the rest of the world? What is the role of contemporary art in leading critical responses to the situation? (...) China's unique circumstances mean that traditions can be constantly reassesed and reinvented, and can continue in unexpected categories and in new forms of expression."

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