The Japanese Larder: Bringing Japanese Ingredients into Your Everyday Cooking


In the bookstore, you also often ask if there are a lot of rarely used ingredients in the recipes in a given book – The Japanese Larder will help all home chefs solve the eternal problem: what to do with that one thing that was bought for a specific recipe, and then waits weeks or months in the cupboard for its second chance.

The book is very easy to use: the chapters are organized in a thoughtful way, according to groups of Japanese ingredients: dried/fermented, spices/sauces, rice/noodles/tofu, fruits/vegetables, teas. Eeach of them begins with a detailed description of each ingredient mentioned and used in the following recipes.

You will find some classic recipes (oyakodon, tonjiru, okonomiyakiice cream with hojicha and genmaicha teas) but even more than that, it’s full of fusion dishes and dishes inspired by the flavors of Japan, including lamb chops in herbs and miso sauce, spaghetti with mentaiko (cod roe), ramen with seafood and chorizo sausage, or my favorite – udon with parmesan and truffles. There is also a selection of very tasty cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks to accompany the prepared dishes.

After getting acquainted with this book, you will definitely not run out of ideas on how to cook with a Japanese twist!

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