There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job

Translation: Polly Barton


A witty novel that makes us realize we all need a break sometimes. The protagonist of There’s no Such Thing as an Easy Job after facing some seriously tough moments at her previous workplace, decides to leave it all behind – she quits, returns to live with her parents and decides that the next job she finds will be easy and undemanding. In the result, she lands in some strange places, to say the least, doing jobs you would probably never imagines they existed. She writes reports on survaillance from hidden cameras, creates radio announces of district shops that can be heard on the local bus, inventes questions and trivia for crisps packaging… It may seem that the jobs actually fit into what she was looking for, but any way she finds herself in some complicated and funny situations. And that makes her realize that perhaps there is no such thing as an easy job.

Kikuko Tsumura’s novel is warm and calm, with a right amount of abstract and witty humour to make us want to follow the hero’s endevours to the very end. A perfect book to take a breather and reset your mind from the busy everyday life. Subtly and without being to forced, it makes us think about what is it that we look for in our worklife? How important is our job for us, regardless if we are aware of it or not?

"I had no way of knowing what pitfalls might be lying in wait for me, but what I'd discovered by doing five jobs in such a short span of time was this: the same was true of everything. You never knew what was going to happen, whatever you did. You just had to give it your all, and hope for the best. Hope like anything it would turn out alright."

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