Tokyo Artrip – Japanese Antiques (和骨董)


In this handy bilingual book you will find all the essential information regarding acquiring Japanese antiques in Tokyo.

The guide is full of wonderful photos, and its clean and simple graphic design will surely satisfy all art lovers. It consist of four parts which start with short introductions – each curated under a watchful eye of a specialist – accompanied by a map and a glossary.

This book will take you to places where you can find: antique pieces of art; retro-style items which will blend in with you everyday life; kitchen equipment; as well as clothes and fabrics. Each location is neatly described and accompanied with practical details such as address, opening hours, or the nearest metro station.

Tokyo Artrip series is an ideal acquisition for all those, who want to plan a unique trip to Tokyo, or to travel through the city from their homes.

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