Unexpected Vanilla

Translation: So J. Lee


Poetry from South Korea in quality translation is not easy to find, so we are really glad to present to you the queer volume called Unexpected Vanilla by Lee Hyemi, masterfully translated by So J. Lee.

Lee’s poems are surreal, colorful, and full of looming eroticism. Often the boundary between the descriptions of internal and external world is blurred, elements from distinct levels being blended together and fuelling mutual transformation. Lee focuses on relationships and the many faces of desire, her reality underpinned by subtle sensual experiences. The world of nature completes the picture: flowers, trees, rain, wind and sunny moments create intimate ambience in a world bustling with desire and sensuality.

Unexpected Vanilla is not easy to follow but imminently brings satisfaction. Lee gives us a puzzles to solve, a puzzle made of extraordinary, finely selected words.

"We had to keep a neutral expression while scraping all those seeds. With a fluttering heart, we memorized the names of foreign countries. Our first sensation of sweetness. A special appetite for impermanent things."

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