Wyznanie Maski

Translation: Beata Kubiak Ho-Chi

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This is a Polish language version of Confessions of a Mask.

The main protagonist of Confessions of a Mask is a young homosexual man, searching for his place in society. He is possessed with a vision of a perfect male body and utmost masculinity, but he curbs his desires, tries to fit in and blend into the crowd instead. Yukio Mishima poured onto paper his own anxieties, fears, and fascinations, making his protagonist somewhat autobiographical. This coming-of-age novel, written shortly after the war, is a great counterbalance to the novel written by Osamu Dazai and to the works of other writers of the period. Although the theme of the role of an individual in a society is common to both novels, the character of Confessions of a Mask is very different from that of No Longer Human.

“I cried sobbingly until at last those visions reeking with blood came to comfort me. And then I surrendered myself to them, to those deplorably brutal visions, my most intimate friends.”




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