Yōkai Museum: The Art of Japanese Supernatural Beings from Yumoto Koichi Collection

Translation: Pamela Miki


Have you maybe read some books on Yōkai and other supernatural creatures,but you still struggle to imagine them? Or maybe you have already enjoyed all of Hokusai’s woodblock prints from Hokusai Manga, but you are still not satisfied? Or are you simply looking for a comprehensive publication on the use of the Yōkai motif in arts and crafts?

Yōkai Museum is a bilingual English-Japanese album documenting some of Koichi Yumoto’s impressive collection of over 3,000 yōkai-themed items. The book is divided into chapters which deal with a different type of objects: from paper scrolls, through books, to games and toys or everyday items. As the title suggests, each of the items is provided with a museum-style description and information, and each chapter is preceded by an introduction explaining the context of the creation of the objects.

Koichi Yumoto guides you through his collection with curatorial insight and passion. With a collector’s zeal, he dusts off his most valuable pieces to share their beauty and history with the reader. This album is special not only because of the uniqueness of the theme and the collection per se, but also (and perhaps above all) because of the love and passion that shine through in the way the author talks about the collection. A wonderful source of knowledge and inspiration.

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