50 Easy Indian Curries


50 Easy Indian Curries delivers exactly what the title promises: dishes that you can easily prepare in your home kitchen. The introduction and spice guide are very short and concise, and once you’ve read them, you are immediately be presented with 50 curry recipes from different regions of India.

The dishes are arranged according to the main ingredient. The first 20 recipes are vegetarian, full of vegetables and legumes, and the remaining 30 are divided between fish and seafood, chicken, beef and pork, and lamb. At the end of the book you will find recipes for the items with which curry is most often eaten – rice and homemade breads to accompany the meal and to soak up all the sauce.

With the help of this book, you will prepare classics such as chicken tikka masala, vindaloo pork or butter dal, but there are also many unusual ideas here, from mussels in a delicate curry sauce, to curry matar with mushrooms, to vegetarian potato kofta.

If you stock up on the right spices beforehand, which often make up the majority of ingredients, the dishes can actually be cooked quickly and easily, so it’s an ideal cookbook even for inexperienced people, and all dishes will be satisfying and full of fantastic aromas with minimal effort.

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