A Sky Longing for Memories: The Art of Makoto Shinkai

Translation: Maya Rosewood


A Sky Longing for Memories: The Art of Makoto Shinkai is a beautiful album showcasing Makoto Shinkai’s unique animations. Three movies are analysed here: 5 Centimeters per Second, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Voices of a Distant Star as well as an advertising video, Say Something Important.

The album contains several hundred illustrations, mainly frames from films, presented in chronological order and annotated. Some captions also feature dialogues from movies, frame comparisons, and explanations of the animation process. At the end, there are also interviews with Shinkai and his collaborators, and a short chapter on color and filmmaking that explains how to create an animated world so close to the real one – an effect Shinkai is famous for.

You will be able to follow the stories again, this time from a different point of view – in addition to wide shots, many illustrations show small details: a view from a window, konbini food, reflection of sunrays, leaves on the pavement… And among them, scenes from cities that can be recognized by viewers, as well as landscapes and beautiful, meticulous illustrations of nature, especially clouds and the sky, in characteristic pastel colors.

The perfect choice for fans of Makoto Shinkai and animation movies in general.

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Original title

新海誠美術作品集 空の記憶

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