At the End of the Matinee


A story of a classical guitarist and journalist, correspondent from Iraq, who met by chance after his recital. Charmed and intrigued by the meeting, Satoshi Makino invites the woman to join his band for dinner. This one evening makes a huge impression on these two – it affects their entire lives.

At the End of the Matinee is a calm story about an intense feeling that brought together two mature and intelligent people with strong worldviews, professionals with well-organized careers and successes in their fields. Makino gives concerts all over the world, Yoko – who comes from a mixed family and grew up and was educated in Europe – with commitment and dedication works in difficult conditions in Iraq. Neither of them is ready to drop everything for love, like twenty-year-olds in love. They get to know each other and strengthen their bonds through Skype conversations and long e-mails. Personal issues and turmoil will bring them closer and further apart, and the readers will follow their stories, impatient to know how their story will develop.

"I keep myself together by living other people’s pain,” he said eventually with an indescribably lonesome smile. “It’s like the expression ‘the man who goes mummy hunting ends up a mummy himself ...’ Do you understand what it’s like to be honest through lies ? I mean, of course, just for brief stints at places like this. Somehow I can’t seem to let go of myself entirely."

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