Geomeun banjeom (검은 반점)


One day the girl discovers a black spot on her face. Where did it come from? Since when has it been there? Can it be hidden so no one notices it? Remove it, scrub it, get rid of it? However it is impossible to wash off. It grows and grows, taking up more and more space and attention. It becomes her point of reference to the world. You follow the main character through the stages of her relationship with the black spot: noticing, rejecting, until acceptance and understanding. The black spot has many counterparts: the whole world is filled with people with different features in various colors, which makes it so interesting!

Black Spot by the Korean duo Jung Mi-jin and Hwang Mi-ok is a masterpiece in every way. The title black spot becomes the starting point for a poetic story about the affirmation of otherness, as well as acceptance of oneself with a whole range of imperfections and complexes. This bilingual Korean-English picturebook is a feast for the eye and spirit. A must for all illustration lovers!

Czas oczekiwania: 5-6 weeks











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