Boba: Classic, Fun, Refreshing – Bubble Teas to Make at Home


Boba is more than just a collection of bubble tea recipes – you will learn about the history of this drink and its classic ingredients and read stories of the founders of MILK+T from Japantown in Los Angeles, Stacey and Beyah, about their adventures with starting a business as women (sounds familiar to us!)

The book starts with the basics – how to make perfect tea, prepare tapioca and other toppings at home, or choose the size of ice cubes in a drink. Fans of fruit teas will find many recipes for homemade jams and syrups made with fresh fruit, which will give the drinks the perfect rich taste. There are also several recipes for milk-bsed drinks, and what MILK+T is known for – milkshakes and teas à la mode, that is with a ball of ice cream – a tea version of affogato. The girls offer both classic and popular flavours, as well as those a bit more crazy. We recommend refreshing green tea with kiwi and cucumber!

Boba to is the perfect book that will also inspire you to experiment, and not only with bubble tea – many of the ideas and recipes you can also use for other drinks or desserts.

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